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Dear Friends, As you know I have been working extensively in the field of sexology for over 10 years. And in the process, I have helped thousands of men and women resolve their sexual health issues. In my experience, the biggest problem is that the majority of people who suffer from any kind of sex […]

Military Training Changes Who We Find Attractive

soldiers training outdoors

You might think you are attracted to only a certain type of person especially when it comes to physical traits, but science has shown that attraction changes based on your environment. Heavier people tend to be perceived as more attractive in environments where food is scarce and disease is rampant because a heavier person can survive […]

Does Yoga Improves Sex?

young couple doing Yoga Exercise

A recent study in Korea has shown that Yoga can improve women’s sexual function. The women studied had been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, a condition that can lead to type 2 diabetes, heart attack, stroke and lower sexual function. Women participated in one hour yoga classes twice a week and were compared to a group […]

5 Bizarre Sex Studies

Abstract image of relationship between a couple

New and often bizarre studies are being done the world over which show some truly astonishing and in some cases funny results related to sex. Here are a few of them: The big money spinner: According to a 2005 study published in Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity, more than half of all money spent on the […]

Does She Need Emotional Connection Before Sex?

couple in an intimate pose

While emotional connectivity is desirable to men and women, more women express a desire to achieve such a connection before sex, even with a long-time partner. This can prove frustrating for men. Yet, they are easy ways to achieve this sort of connection. While it’s logical to assume thinking and emotion are opposing goals, in […]

Love at First Sniff?

Couple talking in an office

When you think of attraction, many would say that personality, physical attraction, and compatibility is among the most important aspects. Very few would think that olfaction (sense of smell) would play such a large role in attraction. However, there are many “smelly” factors that go into the attraction you feel towards someone. It’s been shown […]

Better Sleep Can Lead to Better Sex

man sleeping on laptop

Sex is a normal part of every adult’s life, but sometimes it can be something that is a bit hard to maintain. Especially if a lack of sleep is getting in the way. Sleep can cause many issues and destroying a sex life is one of them. Without energy one cannot do the things that […]

Cocaine Makes Users More Likely to Risk Unsafe Sex

Addiction Keyboard

Cocaine use has been associated with several high-risk behaviors, sexual activity being one of these factors.a Johns Hopkins study of other than healthy cocaine users has discovered that when aroused by cocaine, users are too impatient to take the time to use a condom. This impatience has led to a rise in HIV and other […]