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Dear Friends, As you know I have been working extensively in the field of sexology for over 10 years. And in the process, I have helped thousands of men and women resolve their sexual health issues. In my experience, the biggest problem is that the majority of people who suffer from any kind of sex […]

A Smart Condom That Can Track Your Sex Life?


Everything seems to be smart these days. There are smart appliances, smart wrist watches and more. It is a sign that technology is advancing and that people are relying on it more and more. Who ever heard of a smart condom, though? Apparently, it is a thing now. This device which is actually a reusable […]

Synthetic Pot Tied to Risky Sex, Violence in Teens

pot bud

Marijuana typically produces a mellowing effect. Recent research has found that synthetic pot has the opposite effect. Teens are especially affected, displaying risky behaviors such as unprotected sex, violence, and abuse of other drugs. Synthetic marijuana or fake weed are marketed as natural and safe but has many chemicals similar to marijuana, often contain hazardous […]

Can Zinc Help Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

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Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual problems that men deal with. There are a host of different causes of ED that range from nutrient deficiencies to clinical depression to lifestyle diseases etc. It’s important to talk to a medical professional about ED, in order to determine the cause of the issue before […]

Do You Know if You Have Self-Esteem Issues?

A Sad man sitting on the street

Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin? Does the thought of going into social situations scare you? Do you obsess about your relationships and blame yourself when things work out wrong with those people? Many people experience moments of self-doubt and insecurity. But are those feelings just normal, or are they a deeper indicator […]

Top Relationship Deal-Breakers

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Most single, unattached people have a mental list of what they are looking for in a partner. Some of the traits are acceptable even though they are not what they want, rather something they can live with. However, there are some traits the are absolute deal breakers. These can vary for long and short term […]