Empathy & Self Esteem Linked to Sexual Pleasure In Young Adults

In what is quite an enlightening study, it has been found that young adults who have a healthy psychological and social development are likely to experience increased sexual enjoyment. The research was conducted on more than 3000 young Adults in the age group on 18-25. According to its co-author Dr. Galinsky  “Sexual health is more than the absence of sexually-transmitted infection, unintended pregnancy, violence or other problems.  It is the presence of sexual well-being,”.

This is an interesting observation because most people including quite a few practicing medical doctors and sexologists only concentrate on the STI’s, unwanted pregnancies etc. while addressing the topic of sexual health among young adults.

Among the findings of this study was that men enjoyed sex more if they were empathetic while women positively associated empathy, self-esteem and autonomy with their sexual pleasure

This study should make us realize that the psychological health and social skills play an important role in not only how these youngsters live and perform in general life but also in their sexual health.

You can read more about this study here.

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