Strange, Ineffective And Often Dangerous Impotence Cures Part-3

Here is another weird treatment for curing erectile dysfunction (impotence) or ED, and this one brings to the forefront Antlers of a Deerthe level dubious entrepreneurs will go to exploit this frustrating condition and take advantage of men who are suffering from ED. This “cure” comes from a country which is totally cut off from the rest of the world due to the policies of its regime – North Korea.

In this which is one of the poorest countries on the planet, budding entrepreneurs have come up with a product to lure tourist in the very restricted and small but lucrative tourism industry. They are selling to tourists a  supposed “accelerator for erectility” which is nothing more than a concoction of some Korean medicinal herbs which also includes antlers (horn) of a male deer.

These are being sold for about $1 a pop in the form of a capsules. No one knows what the actual ingrediants are and whether it is safe for human consumption, and its effectiveness is certainly not known but I doubt it very much. What is more suprising is that so many of the tourists, who are a mix of Chinese businessmen and some westerners who I suppose are more educated and informed than the local lot are actually buying this stuff.

This only highlights the length a man with erectile dysfunction will go to and try anything to relieve him of this condition and consequently can put his health at risk; when all he has to do is get in touch with his doctor or a qualified sexologist to get the right and effective treatment.

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