3 Reasons Why Couples Keep Having The Same Fights

Couple having an argument

Couples caught in a loop, repeating their same old arguments over and over, can benefit by recognizing three possible reasons that lead to conflicts with your partner which don’t get resolved.

  1. If arguments were not solved successfully by parents, adult children may have failed to learn techniques for problem-solving. Falling into negative argument patterns demonstrated by parents is an easy trap.
  2. Another trap is tapping into anger at the expense of other emotions. Anger shuts the door to empathy, vulnerability and ultimately working it out.
  3. It’s important to realize some issues stem from fundamental differences, that make each person is unique. An extrovert is never going to be a homebody, for example, and should not be penalized for it. Nor should an introvert be criticized because he would rather stay home than go out all the time. Compromise is key.

With understanding comes solutions, so first, figure out what is the root cause of these repetitive arguments and then be willing to work on the resolution because patience and communication are key to finally resolving the arguments that happen over and over again.

Doing this will save you and your partner from a tremendous amount of frustration and make your relationship much happier and fulfilling.

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3 Reasons Why Couples Have the Same Fights Over and Over

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