5 Scientific Facts About Sex

couple hugging in bed

One topic that always pricks up ears is sex, which is why scientists have actually taken the time to prove some sexual assumptions.

Here are 5 facts about sex which are know backed by scientific research.

  • Quebec researchers say that sexual activity is indeed a great calorie burner, with an hour’s hot and heavy burning about as much as a half hour of jogging would.
  • Sex maniacs do exist, as a California study proves neural wiring influences some to seek more partners than others.
  • Also cuddling, which women have always suggested as crucial post-coitus, now has researchers agreeing, citing snuggling as critical in a relationship.
  • Another sex truth vetted by researchers; lowering high cholesterol boosts male performance.
  • And, if you’ve ever wondered why your hottest sessions never gross you out there’s a reason. It’s because the human arousal response is programmed to override the yuck response.

Some of the facts mentioned above were known before but had no scientific research to back them up but know there is plenty of research going on to prove or disprove some of the commonly held beliefs about sex.

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