6 Little Known Facts About Sex

A happy couple

A better sex life is going to make most people happy. Sex is a way to feel closer to your partner. It is also good for stress and other things. Most people think they know everything that there is to know about sex but here some little-known facts about sex that few people know.

  • Men are biologically driven to ensure that their partner is sexually satisfied.
  • Ovulation plays an important role in determining sexual attraction for both men and women.
  • Quite a few men feel pressured by their partner to go further sexually than what they are comfortable with.
  • It only takes a split second for your brain to decide if your potential partner is attractive.
  • Men are better verbal liars than women when it comes to faking interest in their partner.
  • Great sex takes a lot of time and effort and does not happen automatically.

Some of these facts are contrary to the popular perception about sex and men and give an interesting insight into a lot of things that are not apparent on the surface, use these to enhance your sex life.

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