A Small Gesture That Goes a Long Way

Angry Couple

Relationships are part of our everyday world. With friends, families, and that special someone. People are important to us because humans are social bugs. We literally can’t survive without some sort of social interaction.

To keep your bond strong you need to work on maintaining the relationship especially with your spouse or your romantic partner.

Here is a small gesture that will go a long way to strengthen your relationship.

Every time your partner looks to connect with you, you need to try to respond to him or her in a positive way as often as possible, and more often than just acknowledging their bid to connect with is enough. Never ignore or snap at them

These small responses play a very important role in helping you both bond emotionally.

In fact, a study showed that the couples who responded positively to the emotional bid of their partner to engage or connect were significantly more likely to stay longer and happier together.

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