Active sex Life Linked to Improved Job Satisfaction?

Couple talking in an office

A good sex life can improve many areas of your life. It isn’t just about sex or even your relationship.A study done at Oregon State University shows that it can improve your work life as well by helping you feel better at work.

You’ll enjoy work tasks more and will like being there. You will also be more focused and ready for anything that comes at you. These are all necessary qualities for being productive, to have great job satisfaction and gives you an advantage over your co-workers and if having an active sex life can help you with this then shouldn’t you work on this aspect of your life?

Another thing that you need to do is not to take any office work to your home, leave all work related stress at the office, I know this is hard but with practice and self-disciplineĀ it can be achieved.

This will certainly be one of the most pleasurable ways to improve your work output and is yet another reason why you should be proactively improving and enjoying your sex life.

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