The Sexual Impact of Diabetes on Women

a diabetes stop sign

The effect of diabetes on women’s sexuality have been less studied and less publicized than men. With diabetes blood glucose levels become abnormally high and interfere with both the nervous system’s ability to deliver blood which causes sexual dysfunction. Women can feel the loss of libido and vaginal dryness if they suffer from diabetes. Women […]

3 Reasons Why Couples Keep Having The Same Fights

Couple having an argument

Couples caught in a loop, repeating their same old arguments over and over, can benefit by recognizing three possible reasons that lead to conflicts with your partner which don’t get resolved. If arguments were not solved successfully by parents, adult children may have failed to learn techniques for problem-solving. Falling into negative argument patterns demonstrated […]

Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

It’s relatively easy to fall in love, but for those who want to STAY in a loving, committed relationship, psychologists say there are a few behavioural patterns they may want to be aware of. Are you too dependent on your partner? Or are you maybe too independent and it hurts your bond? Are you willing […]

Why Abstinence Pledges Don’t Work in The U.S.

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In some states in the U.S. girls take abstinence pledges which are offered as part of their sex education curriculum. Educators regard these pledges as controls on sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies. But do they work? The results of a recent study suggest that these virginity commitments don’t achieve those goals. In fact, the […]

A Small Gesture That Goes a Long Way

Angry Couple

Relationships are part of our everyday world. With friends, families, and that special someone. People are important to us because humans are social bugs. We literally can’t survive without some sort of social interaction. To keep your bond strong you need to work on maintaining the relationship especially with your spouse or your romantic partner. […]

6 Little Known Facts About Sex

A happy couple

A better sex life is going to make most people happy. Sex is a way to feel closer to your partner. It is also good for stress and other things. Most people think they know everything that there is to know about sex but here some little-known facts about sex that few people know. Men […]

You Don’t Have to Have Sex Every Day to Feel Awesome

Couple in their bed

A psychology journal published a study that measured happiness levels after sex. The report was based on questioning 214 newlywed couples about their sex life and general feelings of satisfaction, both just after marriage and six months later. The newlywed couples reported that they had sex four days during a span of two weeks. Some […]

Why Believing In Sexual Compatibility Can Be Bad For You

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Is sexual compatibility something you work on? Or is something two people either have or don’t have? There’s a commonly held belief that sexual chemistry is something that simply “clicks”  and that If you don’t have it…don’t try to force it. Psychologists have coined this as “sexual destiny beliefs” and there are studies that say […]