Avoid These 5 Mistakes in Bed

unhappy couple in bed

A little effort can make a big difference in the quality of your lovemaking, and you should also be careful to avoid doing a few things that may cause you regret later and dampen your sex life. Here is a list of the 5 most common mistakes people make during or after sex. Falling asleep […]

Do Men Suffer From Low Sexual Desire?

Young man unable to sleep

Most people think that women have less sexual desire than men, and that men have to beg their wives or girlfriends for sex. But actually, the opposite also happens – men can have low sexual desire, and their female partner are the one who feel let down because of it. In a new study, 8% […]

Why Men Post Revenge Porn Pictures

couple in an intimate pose

Many couples make amateur porn videos of their sexual encounters. Some men prefer the porn that they created with their partner because the feelings are real and not staged. But, there can be a dark side to this if a breakup occurs and the man doesn’t destroy the porn as promised when pictures sent in […]

A Smart Condom That Can Track Your Sex Life?


Everything seems to be smart these days. There are smart appliances, smart wrist watches and more. It is a sign that technology is advancing and that people are relying on it more and more. Who ever heard of a smart condom, though? Apparently, it is a thing now. This device which is actually a reusable […]

Synthetic Pot Tied to Risky Sex, Violence in Teens

pot bud

Marijuana typically produces a mellowing effect. Recent research has found that synthetic pot has the opposite effect. Teens are especially affected, displaying risky behaviors such as unprotected sex, violence, and abuse of other drugs. Synthetic marijuana or fake weed are marketed as natural and safe but has many chemicals similar to marijuana, often contain hazardous […]