Barriers to Young Men’s Sexual and Reproductive Health

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There are some barriers that are obstacles for men’s sexual and reproductive health. Some of these barriers are fears of having STI testing done, having a say in the choice of the health care provider that they see, and a lack of clarity as to why they should receive the same sexual and reproductive health care that women do.

Focus groups were brought together by researchers at John Hopkins (the focus groups composing of straight and gay/bisexual men, including Hispanic men and African Americans), and these men were asked questions about solutions to the aforementioned barriers.

Most of the men believed condoms were adequate protection against STI’s, while their choice of sexual and reproductive health care provider mainly rested on their sexual orientation or ethnicity. Some also expressed that most of the information  they obtained about sexual and reproductive health was  from their friends.

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Johns Hopkins researchers identify barriers to young men’s sexual and reproductive health –

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