Increased Intake Of Medicines May Lead To Erectile Dysfunction

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In a new study published in the British Journal of Urology, findings showed that men who take ten or more medications were 60% more likely to encounter sex related problems than those who didn’t. As we all know, in today’s day and age a lot of us have a tendency to take medications for ailments […]

Erectile Dysfunction: Diseases That Increase The Risk Of Impotency

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Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a lot of factors including medical conditions (like Thyroid problems, low testosterone levels), injuries to the pelvic area or the spinal cord, medication (for treating depression or blood pressure), abuse of alcohol and drugs, smoking,relationship issues, stress and high anxiety levels among others; but men who suffer from the […]

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Linked To 2200 Deaths in a Decade

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Some sobering statistics coming out of The United States show that erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra and Cialis (which are prescribed) and others which are not prescribed may have caused over 2000(estimated) deaths from the period of 2000 to 2010. This according to the Food and Drug Administration agency. The estimated number of men taking […]

Is Sound Wave Treatment For Impotence Effective And Safe ?

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Any time there are any new developments in the field of treatment for erectile dysfunction there is huge media coverage and it is no different this time as major news agencies are giving widespread coverage to a recent study done where extra-corporeal shock wave therapy was used to improve sexual function of some men suffering […]

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Recalled in New Zealand

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This is an update for my readers who live abroad especially the one’s in New Zealand and Australia and use erectile dysfunction treatments under the brand names of ‘Get Stiff ‘ and ‘Maxi Mize’, these two treatments have been recalled by the health authorities in New Zealand due to harmful and potentially fatal prescription medicines […]

Study Predicts the Risk Of Being Impotent After Prostrate Treatment

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Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a common side effect for men who get treatment for prostrate cancer. The problem before was that there was no study to give an insight into what chances an individual had of getting impotent after getting different types of treatment for prostrate problems; which include surgery and radiation. Now a […]

Experimental Erectile Dysfunction Treatment For Heart Patients

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The options for erectile dysfunction treatment for men suffering from heart disease are more limited than those men who don’t have heart ailments, Ed drugs like Viagra and its generic versions (which only deals with the symptoms of ED) are not recommended for heart patients and this makes their sexual life more problematic. But now […]

Erectile Dysfunction: How To Know If You Are Suffering From This Relationship Killer

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Almost every adult man will face some sort of erection problem sometime in their life. This inability to get and maintain a strong enough erection during intercourse is one of the most frustrating things a man can face, and if left untreated, it can totally destroy a relationship and lead long time partners to split […]

Smoking Can Kill Your Love Life

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The damage that smoking can cause to your health is well documented and besides the graphic warnings about lung cancer and other pulmonary and heart problems that it can cause, there is another not so well known problem that smoking cigarettes can create, and that is to trigger erectile dysfunction. More and more studies are […]

Heart Implants to Treat Erectile Dysfunction ?

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In erectile dysfunction cases where the regular treatment like Viagra, injections or penis pumps are non effective, a cardiologist in Cardiff (United Kingdom) has come up with a unique way of treating ED or impotence. In a first, he performed a surgery in which he implanted a stent into the penis. This was done to […]