Why Abstinence Pledges Don’t Work in The U.S.

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In some states in the U.S. girls take abstinence pledges which are offered as part of their sex education curriculum. Educators regard these pledges as controls on sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies. But do they work? The results of a recent study suggest that these virginity commitments don’t achieve those goals. In fact, the […]

Does Yoga Improves Sex?

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A recent study in Korea has shown that Yoga can improve women’s sexual function. The women studied had been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, a condition that can lead to type 2 diabetes, heart attack, stroke and lower sexual function. Women participated in one hour yoga classes twice a week and were compared to a group […]

Metabolic syndrome linked to sexual dysfunction in older women

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Metabolic syndrome (a group of factors that increases the likelihood of heart problems and diabetes) is one of the key factors that contributes to a lower sexual desire in postmenopausal women because cardiovascular disease play’s an important role in women’s sexual health. There have been many studies which show that metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease […]

Women Who Indulge in Frequent Sex Tend To Look Younger

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While most women understand the role that sex plays in improving the relationship with their spouse or partner, a lot of them are not aware there are some other physical benefits that frequent sex has for them. A large number of women indulge in sex out of a sense of obligation or procreation and not […]

Vaginal Dryness: One Of the Most Common Female Sexual Health Problem

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One of the most common sexual health problem  women face is vaginal dryness. This is a condition more prevalent in postmenopausal women with almost 50% to 60% of them  being affected by it, and now it is also increasingly being experienced by younger women. This problem is a very frustrating one  for women as the […]

5 Lifestyle Changes That Can Boost Female Libido

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As I have mentioned in previous articles,  the loss of libido(loss of sexual desire) is by far the most common sexual health related problem faced by women of all ages. This particular problem can cause a lot of friction and frustration in a relationship if left unsolved. Here are few tips on lifestyle changes that […]

Tips on How to Get Back The Female Sex Drive After Giving Birth

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Loss of libido or sex drive is something which is quite common for a female to experience after having a child. This isnormal because the female body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy and again after giving birth. This decreased sex drive should get back normally after the first few weeks, depending on […]