The Most Common Female Sex Problem & How To Fix It

Sexual problems are widely prevalent in both men and women, while the most common sex related problems in men are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, in women loss of sexual desire (loss of libido) is by far the most common. It is clearly the most frustrating but also the most easily treatable of female sex […]

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Dear Friends, As you know I have been working extensively in the field of sexology for over 10 years. And in the process, I have helped thousands of men and women resolve their sexual health issues. In my experience, the biggest problem is that the majority of people who suffer from any kind of sex […]

5 Tips For Sexual Intimacy During Pregnancy

Sexual intercourse during pregnancy is something that can only be enjoyed if both the partners talk and communicate openly and candidly with each other. The expectant mother goes through a lot of physical and hormonal changes in her body and her needs and the safety of her and the baby should be the main and […]

How To Handle Female Sexual Health Problems

Womens sexual problems often take a backseat to the mens sexual problems, especially in the last decade or so due to the launch and subsequent marketing blitz of Viagra which has created a lot of awareness about erectile dysfunction in men. But it is important not loose sight of the fact that a lot of […]

Obesity Leads To Less Satisfying Sex Life

Obesity can lead to erectile dysfunction in men, and now studies also show that obese women suffer from lower sexual satisfaction leading to an overall lower sexual quality of life. Being obese not only has adverse effect on the general quality of life (can lead to heart problems, diabetes etc.) but can also create intimacy […]

The Myth And The Truth About The Female Orgasm

In my years of practice as a sexologist and a sex therapist, one question that is asked a lot of times by couples in therapy is the inability of the female to achieve an orgasm during sexual intercourse. The misconceptions surrounding this leads to a lot of discontent in what normally is a very healthy […]

Desperate Need For Sexually Transmitted Diseases Awareness In India

April was the month for sexually transmitted diseases education and awareness in the U.S. We in India need to take a leaf out of the Americans book and also dedicate a month to spread awareness among our population, irrespective of location and gender, about this important health care issue. There are millions of Indians who […]

One Very Good Reason For Women To Not Binge Drink

Go to any nightclub or bar in any of the major metropolitan cities in India and you will increasingly find a lot of young women binge drinking (consuming 5 or more alcoholic beverages). Now while there is no harm in being a social drinker and consuming alcohol in moderation, getting into a habit of drinking […]

Why Should Young People Test For STD’s ?

The awareness about sexual health among youngsters is increasing nowadays. They are exposed to information that helps them be aware of issues related to sex namely hygiene and protection (safe sexual practices). But in-spite of this, the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases remains very high among young people in India. This is especially true among […]