Do You Know if You Have Self-Esteem Issues?

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Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin? Does the thought of going into social situations scare you? Do you obsess about your relationships and blame yourself when things work out wrong with those people? Many people experience moments of self-doubt and insecurity. But are those feelings just normal, or are they a deeper indicator […]

Why Men Have More Body Image Issues Than Ever

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For nearly a century or more, women were forced to deal with personal image disruption because that is how someone or an industry (women’s fashion) wanted them to look if they were to feel like real and desirable women. But, in the last few decades, men have been also experiencing a more aggressive image issues […]

How Sex Impacts Your Athletic Performance

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Research shows little difference how abstaining or not can impact athletic performance. However, outside the research or scientific community, actual athletes and coaches attest it does make a difference. There are some marked differences with hormone levels if a man is abstaining that play a difference in performance. Several of the world’s greatest athletes had […]

A new exercise partner is key to exercising more

Young man having a break in the gym

Exercise is important; it helps maintain (or improve) your health, reduce stress, and improve your relations with the opposite sex. Continuing your exercise regime, or better yet increasing it, can be a hassle as time wears on. Without the proper motivation, it becomes easier to reduce your exercises and that path leads to sitting on […]

Benefits of Kegel Exercises For Men

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Kegel exercises for men are exercises that are not obvious to anyone else when they are being done. They are designed to strengthen the perineal muscles. In the past, they were designed to help women after childbirth with urinary incontinence. Since then, it has been discovered that it can also help men with some of […]

Fatty Diets Linked to Poor Sleep

Researchers have found a link between fatty diets and sleep. Men who eat a diet high containing high fat are likely to fall asleep during the day and have difficulty sleeping during the night.Also, the poor diet and sleep relation can become a vicious cycle. As poor diet causes sleepiness during the day and is […]

5 tips for IT Professionals to Manage Stress

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Every job is stressful. However, some jobs are extremely stressful than others; such a job is IT. Working in the IT industry means you have to keep deadlines, manage your time well, and multi-task. This industry requires the workers to be fast-paced, and this makes it the company with the highest stress-induced workers. Some people […]