Obesity and Your Sex Life

Overweight man measuring his waist

Being overweight can not only lead to lifestyle diseases like heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure but can also affect your sex life in a big way. Here are a few ways in which obesity  can  harm your sex life. People who are overweight have a lot of lifestyle diseases that can affect their […]

What You Need To Know About Ageing And Sexual Health

Older Couple in Bed

Our body and mind goes through a lot of changes as we age, these are both physical and psychological and affect every aspect of our life. When we are young, we tend to think that our body and looks are going to last forever and old age seems far away but age always catches up […]

Your Size May Have a Adverse Effect on Your Sexual Health

Fat and Thin Men

A new study has revealed that men who are too fat or thin may be at increased risk of suffering from some sort of sexual health problem. We already know that the decisions that men make about their lifestyle choices have a direct bearing on their sexual functioning. And this study reinterates that men who […]

Empathy & Self Esteem Linked to Sexual Pleasure In Young Adults

In what is quite an enlightening study, it has been found that young adults who have a healthy psychological and social development are likely to experience increased sexual enjoyment. The research was conducted on more than 3000 young Adults in the age group on 18-25. According to its co-author Dr. Galinsky  “Sexual health is more […]

Men With Chronic Heart Failure Can Now Improve Their Sexual Health

According to a study recently published in the journal Clinical Cardiology, men suffering from chronic heart failure which is a medical condition in which patients suffer from chronic fatigue and exercise intolerance; can now with the help of CRT (cardiac resynchronization therapy) significantly improve their sexual health including reducing erectile dysfunction, improving libido and general […]

The Affects Of Aging On Men’s Sexual Health

Aging brings about a host of physical and psychological changes in men, they range from decrease in physical stamina to the onset of various medical maladies. Among the more worrisome changes that men face is the effect of their age on their sexual health; and in particular erectile dysfunction (ED) also known as impotence. It […]

The 5 Most Common Mens Bedroom Fears

It’s a fact that bedroom fears in case of men are mostly linked to their sexual performance and things around it only. Unlike women, men are less concerned about their bodies, looks or personality during sex. For them, it’s all about performing the sexual act with great interest so that it gives pleasure to themselves […]

Obesity Leads To Less Satisfying Sex Life

Obesity can lead to erectile dysfunction in men, and now studies also show that obese women suffer from lower sexual satisfaction leading to an overall lower sexual quality of life. Being obese not only has adverse effect on the general quality of life (can lead to heart problems, diabetes etc.) but can also create intimacy […]