Aerobic Exercise Boosts Testosterone for Overweight Men

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Recent studies suggest that men who are overweight have lower testosterone levels. Lower testosterone levels can cause a number of problems among aging men. Some of these problems include: Reduced sex drive Depression Weight gain Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is responsible for sperm production, facial and body hair, bone density and the […]

Loneliness Linked to Heart Disease and Stroke

New research suggests that people who suffer from loneliness and isolation are 30% more likely to suffer from stroke and heart disease. The study found that social isolation in particular can have the same affect on the heart as anxiety and job stress. This data supports the assertion by researchers that social isolation and loneliness […]

Zika Virus Can be Transmitted Sexually

The Zika virus is a health concern that is becoming a global health issue. According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the Zika virus may be sexually transmitted. The information comes from one known case that was sexually transmitted from a man who had contracted the virus in Brazil and […]

Sex and Headaches

Migraines and sex are the center of this focus. 75% of migraines during sex happen to females. Chocolate and red wine among other things can trigger a migraine attack. Some women report migraines during sex to be the cause of major problems in their relationship or marriage. Drinking a lot of water, and having a […]

6 Way to Make Your Bedroom More Intimate

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It is no secret that the way your bedroom is set up plays a huge role in connecting with your partner. Your romantic interlude might depend on a lot of factors from¬†the color of the linen in your bedroom, to the hygiene and lighting etc. in your room. A lot of things can actually make […]

Video: Kegel Exercises & Other Exercises to Reduce PE

In this video,¬†sexologist Deepak Arora explains about how to do Kegel exercises and techniques which help in reducing premature ejaculation. He talks about the techniques use for performing these exercises and why it is effective. Also get to know his controversial views on the “Start Stop” technique and why in his humble opinion it is […]

Can Viagra Make You Go Blind?

According to a recent study done in Australia and published in the journal ‘Experimental Eye Research’ , Sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra) can impede an enzyme which is crucial for transmitting light signals from the retina to the brain. Previous clinical trials of Viagra have already shown that when taken in high doses this […]

Video: Discussing ED with Your Partner (Hindi)

//   Dr.Arora talks about the importance of discussing erectile dysfunction with your partner: Depending on the mutual understanding (very important) between you and your partner, sharing your problems and frustrations with attaining and maintaining your erection with her will go a long way in helping you feel better and less frustrated. In most cases […]

Video: Exercises To Help Reduce Erectile Dysfunction

//   Video interview where Dr.Arora answers viewers questions and gives advice about the following:   What type of low impact exercises you can do to combat ED and premature ejaculation: Incorporate 30 minutes of jogging in your daily routine, this low impact exercise will help reduce your chances of developing erectile dysfunction. If, due […]

The Truth About Premature Ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation is a major sexual problem for men and yet it is talked far less about than erectile dysfunction. The main reason for this is that the little blue pill (Viagra, Cialis etc) has become part of the mainstream due to the huge media spends that its manufacturers have used to spread awareness about […]