5 Ways to Improve Intimacy in Your Relationship

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Intimacy is a very important component in the longevity and happiness of a relationship. We are all guilty of getting into a routine and sometimes this can cause us to lose the things that are so important to keeping the emotional and physical intimacy intact with our partner. There are so many things we can do […]

Are Beautiful People Luckier in Love?

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Harvard University’s Christine Ma-Kellams did a study on conventionally good looking people and celebrities to find out if they had better luck in their romantic and matrimonial relationships besides the now well-documented advantage of getting more attention and better jobs. Her findings found a few interesting things:   Good looking men tend to get more partners, […]

3 Reasons Why Couples Keep Having The Same Fights

Couple having an argument

Couples caught in a loop, repeating their same old arguments over and over, can benefit by recognizing three possible reasons that lead to conflicts with your partner which don’t get resolved. If arguments were not solved successfully by parents, adult children may have failed to learn techniques for problem-solving. Falling into negative argument patterns demonstrated […]

Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

It’s relatively easy to fall in love, but for those who want to STAY in a loving, committed relationship, psychologists say there are a few behavioural patterns they may want to be aware of. Are you too dependent on your partner? Or are you maybe too independent and it hurts your bond? Are you willing […]

A Small Gesture That Goes a Long Way

Angry Couple

Relationships are part of our everyday world. With friends, families, and that special someone. People are important to us because humans are social bugs. We literally can’t survive without some sort of social interaction. To keep your bond strong you need to work on maintaining the relationship especially with your spouse or your romantic partner. […]

6 Little Known Facts About Sex

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A better sex life is going to make most people happy. Sex is a way to feel closer to your partner. It is also good for stress and other things. Most people think they know everything that there is to know about sex but here some little-known facts about sex that few people know. Men […]

Why Men Post Revenge Porn Pictures

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Many couples make amateur porn videos of their sexual encounters. Some men prefer the porn that they created with their partner because the feelings are real and not staged. But, there can be a dark side to this if a breakup occurs and the man doesn’t destroy the porn as promised when pictures sent in […]