5 Relationship Issues That Can Cause Depression

Depression is basically a disturbed state of mind that directly affects your thoughts, behaviour and well being. It can be related to relationships problems that would include sadness, guilt, restlessness, loneliness or isolation. When you feel depressed, you tend to isolate yourself from the world around and start thinking about the reason behind the turmoil […]

Is it Safe To Have Sex During Pregnancy?

This is a very common question asked by couples who are expecting their first child. This is a very valid query, as there is not a lot of information about this important subject. In general it is quite safe to have sex during pregnancy. Though there is not enough evidence to prove that  restriction of […]

5 Benefits Of Breast Lift Surgery

Breast size and shape form an important part of a woman’s body and physical appearance as well. Women often remain conscious about their breast volume, shape and proportion and on finding that their breasts have started to sag; it may lead to undue emotional strain among most women. It not only makes women feel worried […]

Natural Foods That Can Improve Your Sexual Drive

You would have heard the word aphrodisiac a few times, by definition, an aphrodisiac is a substance that increases sexual desire. In simple terms, aphrodisiacs are substances that have a perceived ability (science has not proved it one way or the other) to boost your sex drive and create mood for sex and can also […]

Tips On How To Improve Your Work Environment

With hectic lifestyles, career preferences and high goals, you spend a lot more time at workplace as compared to the time you are at home. During all this while in office, you interact with different kinds of people including your boss, seniors, co-colleagues and juniors. They often influence your mindset in a particular way and […]

Need To Overcome Infidelity ? Here’s How

Don’t underestimate the effect  infidelity can have on your relationship. No matter how strong your relationship is, it is almost a given that having an extramarital affair will cause it to strain to its breaking point. The first impulse for the wronged partner is to walk out of the relationship, but before he or she […]