Does She Need Emotional Connection Before Sex?

couple in an intimate pose

While emotional connectivity is desirable to men and women, more women express a desire to achieve such a connection before sex, even with a long-time partner. This can prove frustrating for men. Yet, they are easy ways to achieve this sort of connection. While it’s logical to assume thinking and emotion are opposing goals, in […]

Love at First Sniff?

Couple talking in an office

When you think of attraction, many would say that personality, physical attraction, and compatibility is among the most important aspects. Very few would think that olfaction (sense of smell) would play such a large role in attraction. However, there are many “smelly” factors that go into the attraction you feel towards someone. It’s been shown […]

How Long Does Your Sexual Afterglow Last?

Young couple in bed

  Researchers studied 200 couples who had been married less than 6 months. The study focused on a 14 day period and measured how often the couple’s had sex, marital satisfaction, and sexual satisfaction. Researchers were also interested in how long sexual satisfaction lasted. Sexual afterglow is the feeling of contentment and increased sexual satisfaction […]

Why Respect is Crucial For Your Relationship

Young Indian Couple

A high level of respect from both partners towards each other is essential to a strong relationship in couples. It is very important for couples to establish good habits to consistently show respect towards each other. Here are few tips on how you can do this. Be attentive and immediately address partner’s needs, desires, and […]

Relationship Issues: Love, Sex and Money Problem

Heart and Love

Most problems in relationships are caused by three factors: sex, money, and love. While some couples allow these problems to ruin the relationship, there are steps that can be taken to correct them and improve the relationship. Sex is an issue for both men and women. Problems regarding sex can be resolved by admitting concerns, […]

Tips to Reignite Your Sex Life

couple in an intimate pose

After years of being with a partner, one area that tends to suffer in a couple’s relationship is their sex life. Rather than allow this terrible trend to happen in your relationship, there are numerous tricks and activities you can try to spice up your sex life. These will help you and your partner feel […]

Tips About Teenage Romantic Relationships

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Relationships are not always easy especially in your teens, but it can be made a lot easier if you follow these simple tips. Take one day at a time and enjoy each other’s company. Find out what makes both of you happy in life, whether it be sailing, hiking, reading, partying, or movies. Support each other […]

5 Steps To Breaking Up

man and woman holding broken heart

Stuck in a relationship and don’t know how to get out? Thinking of ways but just can’t stand to hurt your partner’s feelings? Lots of people get stuck in relationships that they become unhappy with but are afraid to end. There are easy ways out like texting or social media but it just feels cheap […]