The Impact of Sex Toys on Relationships

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In the past few years, the stigma attached to using sex toys and other paraphernalia to enhance your sexual experience whether alone or with your partner has gradually been decreasing but there are still a lot of folks who are still uncomfortable or too shy about using these to enhance their sexual experience. Sometimes, using […]

5 Scientific Facts About Sex

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One topic that always pricks up ears is sex, which is why scientists have actually taken the time to prove some sexual assumptions. Here are 5 facts about sex which are know backed by scientific research. Quebec researchers say that sexual activity is indeed a great calorie burner, with an hour’s hot and heavy burning […]

Increased Sense of Intimacy Improves Sexual Desire

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Genuine interest in sexual desire may wax and wane as a couple goes through life together but what distinguishes the couples who maintain a passionate long term relationship from those who don’t?  The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology recently published a study which sought to understand the complexities of couple’s sexual responsiveness. In a series […]

Why Believing In Sexual Compatibility Can Be Bad For You

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Is sexual compatibility something you work on? Or is something two people either have or don’t have? There’s a commonly held belief that sexual chemistry is something that simply “clicks”  and that If you don’t have it…don’t try to force it. Psychologists have coined this as “sexual destiny beliefs” and there are studies that say […]

Avoid These 5 Mistakes in Bed

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A little effort can make a big difference in the quality of your lovemaking, and you should also be careful to avoid doing a few things that may cause you regret later and dampen your sex life. Here is a list of the 5 most common mistakes people make during or after sex. Falling asleep […]

Better Sleep Can Lead to Better Sex

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Sex is a normal part of every adult’s life, but sometimes it can be something that is a bit hard to maintain. Especially if a lack of sleep is getting in the way. Sleep can cause many issues and destroying a sex life is one of them. Without energy one cannot do the things that […]

Is Having Sex Without Desire Harmful or Beneficial?

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The question has frequently been raised whether or not desire before sex is necessary to have a beneficial sexual experience. Many women have reported a lack of desire to have sex before lovemaking, however, this doesn’t mean the experience could be any less enjoyable or beneficial to both partners. There are many reasons to have […]

How Important is Sex?

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The basis of all life is sex, but often times it becomes a taboo topic. Human life would be impossible without it, though many people are shy or reserved when they need to talk about it. Often times this comes from religious teaching or a certain upbringing, but sex is important, the question becomes how […]

How to Improve Your Sex Life After Having Kids

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Most parents know that having less sex is part and parcel of life with a new baby. Yet when the children are a bit older, when we’re less tired and we have more opportunity to be intimate, we can look forward to our sex life returning pretty much to what it was pre-children, right? The […]