Who Has the Best Sex?

Couple in their bed

What does it take to maintain the flare in the bedroom? Recent research suggests that those who have sex more often tend to have better sex lives. The research also indicates the quality of sex has an influence on satisfaction. However, the most interesting aspect of the research was who has the best sex. The […]

Peace-Inducing Sex

unhappy couple in bed

Let’s be blunt. Do you think sex for peace is a good thing? What we mean is when one spouse is not really into sex, but acquiesces to it just to keep the peace. If that happens, mark my words: Your relationship is not in a good place. While the initial overpowering passion of a […]

So, What’s Your Sex Drive Like?

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Couples rarely have compatible sexual expectations. What is a constant is that they are both seeking pleasure, and to achieve that, it’s important to understand varying sex drives. Over-reliant individuals seek sex as a form of stress relief and they need it regularly. Those with a persistent sex drive are particular. They have specific fantasies […]

Does More Sex Equal Greater Happiness?

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A study regarding sex was performed. The results of the study were certainly counter-intuitive. Some subjects were asked to increase, by doubling, the amount of sex they had. The half that increased their sexual activity reported unfavorable results. They were unhappy. Maybe they were unhappy because they knew that they had to have sex and […]

5 Tips to Mend a Sexless Relationship

Losing passion as time passes is common in many relationships. While some couples face dry spells, others face a year or more of drought. The good news is that a non-existent sex life can usually be shifted back into drive. 1. Communication Talk to one another about the issue. Sexless relationships can go months or […]

5 Tips to Enjoy & Maintain a Passionate Sex Life

Here are some very important tips to help you acheive and maintain a healthy and passionate sex life with your partner. These tips look deceivingly simple but the effort you put to follow these will show you immediate and long lasting results, making both your partner and you to look forward to your intimate time […]