There Are No Trivial Questions When It Comes To Your Sexual Health

In my experience, a lot of people especially young adults, feel that the questions they might have about sex or their sexual health are too trivial or insignificant to ask an expert. Let me tell you that if there is something that is bothering you or your partner about these subjects, then it is certainly […]

3 Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasm

It’s a well-known fact that a lot of women fake orgasm during sexual intercourse, and now a survey conducted in Great Britain has confirmed just how high the percentage is. According to this survey which was conducted by the University of Lancashire and University of Leeds; 80% of women faked orgasms at least 50% of […]

Tips on How To Store And Use A Condom Properly

The proper use of condom will not only help prevent unwanted pregnancies but also more importantly help protect you and your partner from contracting Sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s). Make using condoms mandatory when indulging in not only sexual intercourse but also oral sex. A lot of men who use condoms are unaware of the proper […]

5 Tips For Sexual Intimacy During Pregnancy

Sexual intercourse during pregnancy is something that can only be enjoyed if both the partners talk and communicate openly and candidly with each other. The expectant mother goes through a lot of physical and hormonal changes in her body and her needs and the safety of her and the baby should be the main and […]

The 5 Most Common Mens Bedroom Fears

It’s a fact that bedroom fears in case of men are mostly linked to their sexual performance and things around it only. Unlike women, men are less concerned about their bodies, looks or personality during sex. For them, it’s all about performing the sexual act with great interest so that it gives pleasure to themselves […]

The Myth And The Truth About The Female Orgasm

In my years of practice as a sexologist and a sex therapist, one question that is asked a lot of times by couples in therapy is the inability of the female to achieve an orgasm during sexual intercourse. The misconceptions surrounding this leads to a lot of discontent in what normally is a very healthy […]

A Synopsis Of The Health Benefits Of Sex

As you may have noticed in some of my previous posts; sex has numerous health benefits, some more obvious than others. These have been backed by numerous studies done over the last few decades. Now I realize some of these studies were conclusive and some not so, even then the overall psychological and physical benefits […]

Why Should Young People Test For STD’s ?

The awareness about sexual health among youngsters is increasing nowadays. They are exposed to information that helps them be aware of issues related to sex namely hygiene and protection (safe sexual practices). But in-spite of this, the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases remains very high among young people in India. This is especially true among […]