The Connection Between Marijuana and Your Sex Life

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Even though smoking marijuana is considered by some as a recreational activity it can definitely have an adverse effect on your sexual performance. Erectile dysfunction and smoking Marijuana seem to go hand in hand for some people, there are some varieties of marijuana that have worse chemicals than cigarettes. The euphoria that one feels after […]

9 Health Benefits of Sex

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There are multiple benefits (both physical and psychological) to engaging in sex. These benefits include the obvious (e.g., creating human life, deepening intimacy between a couple) as well as the less obvious. According to scientific research, sex is a positive activity for many reasons. Some of the benefits of sex include: Improved immunity (although of […]

You Don’t Have to Have Sex Every Day to Feel Awesome

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A psychology journal published a study that measured happiness levels after sex. The report was based on questioning 214 newlywed couples about their sex life and general feelings of satisfaction, both just after marriage and six months later. The newlywed couples reported that they had sex four days during a span of two weeks. Some […]

Cocaine Makes Users More Likely to Risk Unsafe Sex

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Cocaine use has been associated with several high-risk behaviors, sexual activity being one of these factors.a Johns Hopkins study of other than healthy cocaine users has discovered that when aroused by cocaine, users are too impatient to take the time to use a condom. This impatience has led to a rise in HIV and other […]

Hormone May Enhance Brain Activity Associated with Sex

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The scientists behind the early-stage study, from Imperial College London, are now keen to explore whether kisspeptin could play a part in treating some psychosexual disorders — sexual problems which are psychological in origin, and commonly occur in patients with infertility. Kisspeptin is a naturally occurring hormone that stimulates the release of other reproductive hormones […]

New Genital Herpes Vaccine Very Promising in Preclinical Tests

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Scientists in Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania have been working to produce a vaccine for the herpes simplex virus 2. This new vaccine implements the “trivalent” approach which allows the body to produce antibodies against three separate aspects of the virus, two of which would normally allow the virus to evade […]

The Change of Our Sexual Bodies As We Age

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Sex is a very interesting topic, everyone was created by sex but often times people do not truly understand it. Early life sexual experiences are not as good as the ones later in life. This has a lot to do with people having a better understating of their body and the things they like. These […]