How to Improve Your Sex Life After Prostate Cancer

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Men are faced with many physical, emotional and sexual challenges after a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Today, there are many choices for treatment options to consider. What may be best for one person isn’t for another. Collect the facts, discuss your options with your cancer treatment team, and talk with other prostate cancer survivors. Ask […]

How Does Sexual Rejection Affect Men?

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There are many stereotypes about men’s sexuality and one of them is that sexual rejection doesn’t affect them much. Nothing could be farther than the truth. When men are rejected by their partner they can take it personally and assume that they aren’t desirable at all, without taking circumstances into account. This can have negative […]

AIDS: The Patient Zero Myth


As is becoming the norm, DNA testing is once again using old blood samples to overturn a decades-old assumption, a rather heart-breaking one. Historical research, initiated by Cambridge University, has dispelled a long-held myth that the HIV epidemic in North America had a nucleus, or starting point, specifically, Gaétan Dugas. A French-Canadian gay man, Dugas […]

Why Do People Make Love at Night?

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Research shows that most sexual activity between couples occurs at bedtime. This article explores some of the biological reasons that may occur. The author suggests that although it is unnecessary for sexual activity to take place at this time, this pattern holds true for most couples. One of the reasons this occurs is because it […]

The Problem with Porn Addiction

Some people find themselves overwhelmed by a compulsive need to watch to pornography? Now, this can be a very serious issue. It can be a habit that eats into daily functions and deprives the porn addict of a normal life. People can be overwhelmed by the urge to the point that jobs, family, and finance […]

Is Lack Of Sleep Wrecking Your Sex Life?

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People who have trouble sleeping often have a tough time with their relationships as the problems that sleep deprivation causes a spill over in almost all aspects of their life. Here are a few ways that a chronic sleep disorder can spoil your sex life. 1.Lack of sleep can lead to low energy, fatigue and perpetual […]

Video Interview: Questions About Penis Size Answered

// Here is another video interview with Dr.Deepak Arora, where he answers the most common questions asked about the size of the penis and what are the options you have to increase it and more importantly what to avoid. Anyone who is concerened about the size of their organ should watch it.

The Spark of Sexual Attraction in a Healthy Relationship

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Research shows that for most amorous relationship to exist and flourish, it is imperative that both the partners are sexually and physically attracted towards each other. Physical intimacy is the stage of natural progression of any couple in relationship, though it is suggested that physical closeness and intimacy should ideally be the result of emotional […]