Video: Why Is Personal Hygiene Important & Other Questions Answered(Hindi)

//   In this video, sexologist Deepak Arora answers viewers questions on personal hygiene and premature ejaculation. Here are some of the key points he mentioned: Take care of your personal hygiene to avoid fungal infections etc. take a bath or a shower at least twice a day, clean your genital area with soap and […]

Video: Callers Questions Answered on ED and Importance of Foreplay (Hindi)

  //   Dr.Arora answers callers questions on why in some cases treating erectile dysfunction on time can be crucial to saving the married life of the patient. Non treatment can lead to the partner being dissatisfied with her sex life and make her look for sexual gratification outside of her marriage. He also explains why indulging […]

Video: Hypertension, Obesity and their Effect on Your Erection

Watch this video to know why you need to control high blood pressure and hypertension. You can reduce them by doing the following: Reduce your salt intake. Exercise regularly. Quit Smoking. Reduce your alcohol intake. Use medication under the strict supervision of a good cardiologist. Some high BP medication can have the side effect of […]

Dhat and Other Sex Related Questions Answered

Dr. Deepak Arora answers callers questions on the following topics:   Dhat: The myths surrounding this problem and why you shouldn’t worry too much about it.   Whether you should indulge in sex with your pregnant wife.   Can high blood pressure and hypertension cause erectile dysfunction?   Here is the video: //     […]

Video on Masturbation and Morning Erection

//   In this video find out: Why do some men have problems with erectile dysfunction during intercourse even if they have no problems with morning erection. why do people wrongly think that masturbation (बचपन की गलतिया) causes erectile dysfunction (impotence). What are the wrong ways to masturbate and the problems they can cause. Why […]