What You Need to Know about HIV

Since the 80’s, HIV has been perhaps the most researched STD. The HIV virus affects the human immune system and weakens the body’s defense against infections. The virus is spread by unprotected sex, needle sharing and by an infected mother to her newborn and in some cases through contaminated blood during blood transfusion etc. The […]

Can Oral Sex Be More Dangerous Than Smoking For Men ?

illustration of a man smoking

That human papillomavirus (HPV) is a sexually transmitted virus that infects the sexual organs of both genders and can cause cervical cancer is a well documented scientific fact, but what is not so well known, and is cause for major concern, is that recently there has been a sharp rise in cases where HPV is […]

Another Benefit Of Male Circumcision

Man standing

Circumcision in males has been controversial in recent times, with conflicting opinions about its benefits, in-spite of it being an integral part of many cultures and religions for centuries and having being accepted in many western countries as having a lot of medical benefits. These include protection from urinary tract infections and preventing penile cancer […]

Scientists Discover A Sexual Disease Resistant To Drugs

Gonorrhoea Strain

A new strain of gonorrhoea discovered in Japan has been found by Swedish scientists to be resistant to antibiotics and already changes have had to be made to the type of antibiotic and dosage that is required to combat it. This is a troubling discovery as this strain could snowball into epidemic proportions. Gonorrhoea is […]

How to Admit To Having an STD

STD’s or sexually transmitted diseases are much more common than what most people realize.  In my previous articles I have written about the different types of STD’s and the reason to create awareness about them. In this article I want to raise up another very important and potentially the most embarrassing aspect of suffering from […]