Cocaine Makes Users More Likely to Risk Unsafe Sex

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Cocaine use has been associated with several high-risk behaviors, sexual activity being one of these factors.a Johns Hopkins study of other than healthy cocaine users has discovered that when aroused by cocaine, users are too impatient to take the time to use a condom. This impatience has led to a rise in HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases among regular users.

Cocaine causes the user to experience hyper-alertness, euphoria and high energy.
A study was performed with regular cocaine users who were given different amounts of the drug in a controlled setting. At ten minute intervals, they were asked to rate how effective the drug was as well as their level of sexual desire.

Sexual desire and drug effect rose after taking the drug peaking at about 45 minutes and those with a larger dose related an increase in effect and desire. The subjects also related they would use a condom if readily available but readiness dropped the longer they were told they had to wait for a condom leading to riskier behavior.

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Study affirms that cocaine makes users more likely to risk unsafe sex

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