Diabetes and Sex Problems

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Diabetes is among leading causes of sexual health problems in people, along with smoking, hypertension, and high cholesterol. This condition affects nerve function and the flow of blood to different parts of the body. One of the areas that can certainly be affected is the genitals, and in men, it manifests in the form of erectile dysfunction.

Those with poorly controlled diabetic conditions are likely to suffer sexual problems than those who take measures to control the situation. In a culture that is oversexed, and topics about sex are discussed on TV, movies, and books, most people shy away from discussing the problems affecting their sex lives. So, it is likely that a big number of those suffering erectile dysfunction will rarely disclose the truth even when confronted by a health professional.

A study conducted and published in the journal Diabetes Care in 2010 found out that about half of people facing diabetes broached the topic of their sexual life with their doctor, showing that a large number of diabetics face sexual problems. It sound’s weird, but a lot of doctors treating diabetes don’t even ask their patients about their sexual function simply because the topic doesn’t feel comfortable to them.

Effect on sex

The effect of diabetes on sex can be manifested in various ways. High blood glucose will definitely contribute to neuropathy and blood flow impairment, leading to weaker and delayed erections, orgasms, and sensation. Neuropathy, which is a common condition among diabetic people, interferes with bladder control. High blood pressure, which is also manifested in diabetic people, can also interfere with proper blood circulation, thereby making it more challenging to get aroused or to reach orgasms.

Sex is a process that involves the genital organs, so if these are affected an individual is bound to have problems. Another reason behind sex problems among people suffering diabetic conditions is the anxiety that comes with the realization that one is suffering from a chronic disease. Anxiety even in the absence of chronic illnesses triggers sexual dysfunction, so among steps to restore your sex life is to work on eliminating anxiety and lack of self-worth.

Fatigue can also cause sex problems, and it is known that this is a problem among diabetic people. The disease interferes with your sleep, especially if you are not keen on medication, thereby contributing to fatigue and lack of comfort. Sex is not possible in a state where both the mind and body are exhausted and emaciated.

A number of drugs that are prescribed to diabetic individuals may also dampen sex drive as a side effect. This is often the case if one is put on antidepressants or blood pressure medication. Some neuropathy pain relievers which are also part of medication used to treat diabetic patients may diminish your sexual function.

Solving male sex problems through medical approaches

The first thing to do when you are having difficulties in your sex life is to seek the opinion of your doctor. Tell him what is going on so you can know whether the symptoms are as a result of drugs you are taking. Considering high blood glucose can interfere with sexual function, you should consult to know how you can restore your blood glucose to its optimal level.

Peripheral neuropathy causes loss of sensation in nerves, so in case it is detected in any part of your body it could also mean nerves in your genitalia are affected, thereby causing sexual dysfunction.

Blood pressure is a common condition among diabetic individuals, and it sure causes sexual dysfunction. If you are diagnosed with blood pressure, your doctor should change your prescription to drugs that are less likely to affect your sex life. Additionally, you can embrace lifestyle changes like increased exercise, dietary realignment, increased intake of water and consumption of fruits, all which help to lower blood pressure and have no sexual side effects.

Some antidepressants can have a negative affect sexual activity, it may be advisable to try a drug vacation (2 – 3 days) to enhance sexual activity. But make sure that before doing so you get approval from your doctor because some conditions may demand you take the drugs continuously.

How you can manage it yourself

Suffering from sex problems should not be all doom and gloom because there are many things you can do to restore your sexual activity. Below are several ideas you should put to practice.

Maintaining sexual health among diabetics

You can adjust your blood pressure through stress-reducing techniques like exercise, dietary changes and relaxation response. This will improve your general health and in turn boost your sexual function.

Make some effort to lose weight if you are overweight, either through dietary changes or  through physical exercise. Calorie restriction and exercise can improve your sex life by reducing erectile dysfunction.

Empty your bladder before sex to prevent urinary incontinence.

Always ensure your energy levels are optimal before trying out love making.

Lastly, address any relationship problems you have to ensure your psychological connection is not affected.

Despite your health condition, you can still enjoy a healthy sex life. This is possible if you can take care of your diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. Many people living with the same condition are enjoying their sex life and this has been possible by paying attention to their health.

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