Do Men Suffer From Low Sexual Desire?

Young man unable to sleep

Most people think that women have less sexual desire than men, and that men have to beg their wives or girlfriends for sex. But actually, the opposite also happens – men can have low sexual desire, and their female partner are the one who feel let down because of it.

In a new study, 8% of men feel low sexual desire all the time, while 14-19% feel the loss of libido regularly. Researchers have found that the three main causes of lack of sexual desire in men is

  • Rejection by their partner.
  • Physical or health issue.
  • Not feeling physically, emotionally and or sexually attracted to their female partner.

Outside social stressors, such as work, tiredness, and taking care of children, can also lead to fatigue that lower’s male sexual desire.

So you are not alone if you feel your sexual desire decreasing, the good news is that this can be reversed by making some changes in your life and by taking help from trained professionals. In one of my future posts I will be discussing some ways in which you can overcome the loss of libido.

Read the full article here:
Problematic Low Sexual Desire in Men?

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