Experimental Erectile Dysfunction Treatment For Heart Patients

The options for erectile dysfunction treatment for men suffering from heart disease are more limited than those men who don’t have Cartoon of herat examinationheart ailments, Ed drugs like Viagra and its generic versions (which only deals with the symptoms of ED) are not recommended for heart patients and this makes their sexual life more problematic.

But now there is a new technique being developed by doctors in Israel which is looking very promising for those men who have erection problems due to heart disease or even diabetes. The main reason why heart patients may suffer from erectile dysfunction is lack of blood flow to the penis and this experimental treatment looks to counter that by the use of low frequency shock-waves ( akin to intense ultrasound) to increase the blood flow in the genital area especially the penis.

Though this study is still in the experimental phase and has been done on a relatively small number of men; the results so far have been encouraging (the patients involved in the study reported significant improvement in their erectile function). This is one type of treatment which definitely warrants more study because it helps cure erectile dysfunction without pain and more importantly for men with heart problems and diabetes- No side effects.

The only problem is that this type of treatment will take almost a decade to be availabe, but hopefully more funds will be earmarked for this research so that it can be fast tracked and be available sooner.

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