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As you know I have been working extensively in the field of sexology for over 10 years. And in the process, I have helped thousands of men and women resolve their sexual health issues. In my experience, the biggest problem is that the majority of people who suffer from any kind of sex related problems are reluctant to talk about it and do not seek qualified help. 

The idea behind this blog is to give out as much quality and updated information as possible to educate people about not only sexual health problems but also how to improve their personal relationships and life in general.

And keeping this in mind I want to answer any questions that you may have related to sexual health. You can ask your question using the comments section below. I will select the most common and important questions and provide the answers in a video which you will be able to download for free. I will not be using anybody’s name when I answer these questions to protect your privacy.

I strongly encourage you to clear any doubts about any type of sex problem that you or your partner maybe suffering from.

Once again just leave your questions below in the comments section. I thank you for your participation.

Dr.Deepak Arora

U.S.(American Board of Sexology) Certified Sexologist


  1. says

    hi my name is amit iand i did mastrobat lot’s now i am age of 31 i realised i did wrong because my penice is not working properly tight and slightly band oneside and not erecting. i am still bachlor and afeard to marriage if i not satisfy my patner i never done sex with any women.plzzz help me and correct direction

    i am not fluent in english so plz give me edvice in hindi if possible


  2. yogesh says

    i am 24 years old male and having erectile dysfunction . i am able to sex . and also taking aurvedic treatment but there is no any improvement , i want to know that is there permanent treatment for ED and what will be the expanse of this treatment , i want permanent treatment .

  3. Puneet Verma says


  4. sudhansu says

    i am 24 year old. i want to know there is any way to increase penis size without side effect and what is the minimum size that can satisfy a partner. kindly give the direction.

  5. kiranpal singh says

    hello sir.. i am suffering from nightfall, dhant… i have taken lot of medicines bt there is no effect seen.. so what can i do which helps to reduce this problem..

  6. rahul says

    hi sir,m rahul my age is 22,m unmarried,,due to ma childhood mistakes there is a little band at the top of my penis,,,sometimes i feel dat ma penis is not in tight position whether doing sex…..i hve done max 10 times sex wid ma girl friend only….sometimes i feel looseness in ma penis so i want to remove dis problm permanently….plz give me d proper nd complete consultation m a student…nd i got married in between 5 months…so m scared of dat plz help me…..its my humble request to u sir.

  7. Prateek says

    EArlier i never felt any problem with my penis. It was perfect hard and it was great. But almost 2 years back it happened i was doing gyming and i was putting a lot of weight. and after the gym i felt like my one testicle is feeling light. there was something wrong i was feeling. and next 2, 3 days i felt pain in my testes while doing gyming. so i left gyming. Later on i saw change in my testes. they were hanging quite down my penis. one of them is lower then the other. And i used to feel its movement when i run or walk. it happened for sometime. Quite late what happened was that i felt my penis very “soft” and reduced in size. i never realized when it happened. but during erection time time it is big in size 5 1/2 “. Also i used to masturbate many times. Now i feel my penis like sleeping and small in size and very soft. Why has it become small..?? and soft..?? It was not like that earlier. My personal judgement tells me that one of my testicle has been dislocated from its place and i feel that only one of my testicle is working other is not.. Sometimes my testicles hung down and sometimes not. i dont know what is the problem. i am afraid of even telling my parents. Suggest me please. what should i do. what is wrong with me..??? please HELP… please

  8. daanf says

    my penis is 4.6 inch in length and 4 inch in girth when erect..i am very depressed about my tiny size.what should i do??

  9. Rajesh Kumar says

    i am 24 year old. i want to know there is any way to increase penis size without side effect and what is the minimum size that can satisfy a partner. kindly give the direction.

  10. vikash says

    my self vikash kumar age 21 years and my problem is, my penis iz not hard as well as quick fall.
    my penis is bend towards left can is pro be solve by the root………………..

  11. sherry says

    my penis is 2.5 inch when it is in normal condition n h and 4 inch in girth when erect..i am very depressed about my tiny size.what should i do??

  12. darshan singh says

    helo sir. i am not able to last even a minutee ,, in next 11 monthss i am getting married. it would be of great help if u can suggest me a way outtt of lasting long..i had fallen prey to bad habitss but i have now given it up since last 6 monthss.. but i feel i need medication.. so can u help me in any way

  13. Rajesh says

    Hi Doctor,

    Dis is sandy, male, 24 yrs old. I started masturbating when i was 16 and been doing till today. I enjoy doing that several times even in a day. Sometimes i go mad and do 4 to 5 times a day. It will be quite good dat day and later also. But when it comes to do sex with a woman its not being erect for so long. Firstly my lower skin attachment below the penis without condom doesn’t allow me to insert into a tight vagina and secondly it doesn’t stand hard not more than a minute if i do with condom. Unable to satisfy my love on bed. Kindly advice me with the tips and solution for my better sexual life. Waiting for ur revert.

    Thanks & Regards

  14. SANJEEV says


  15. nishit bhanushali says

    dear sir,

    i m 23 years old , i have done masturbation so many times…i have read somewhere that masturbation is harmful to body is it true?????

  16. Vikram says

    im 27 years old, going to marry in coming 4 months. my problem is that, my sex power is no longer, im feeling very weak. no irrection in sex organ at all,
    during the mastrubation, i get irrection hardly for 2 minutes only..
    i had sexual intercourse two times, but both time, i felt very less energetic and less irraction, less timing.
    also got ejeculation with in 2 to 3 minutes.
    during the mastrubation get ejeculation with in hardly two minutes… feeling very frusted and hopeless..
    help me out…

  17. kenin says

    Am 22 year old. My penis size is only 4 inches while erect, how can i increase my penis size using exercising, without using tablets and machines. help me please…

  18. brijesh says

    Sir i masturbate daily from last 3 years. Can masturbation is harmful for my coming life. Sir when i try not to masturbate then it go only for 3 or 4 days than again i start masturbating. Is masturbating will lead any problem in my sex. I am a bachelore n going to marry with in a year.

  19. Rehan says

    My problem is Premature Ejaculation..Treated myself with ayurvedic medicine of Dr SK Jain, but of no there any permanent cure..

  20. Jimmy verghese says

    Sir.I am jimmy 27 yrs of age..I am masterbating 9 to 10 times a month..I know i should not do this.But i cant control it..I am getting married within yr or so..I did not indulge in sexual activity before..I am afraid whether i’ll be able to satisfy her..Or not..Plz suggest me..
    Wat should i do..To restrict myself..Plz help..

  21. ankur padey says

    sir i am 23 n suffering from night fall since 5yrs…its due to my childhood mistakes…..i have taken several medicines to control nightfall but couldn’t…this problem also lead to shorthen lenght of penis ……please give me proper suggestion to overcome from this problem…if some medicines required then please offer me some names of medines….

  22. Bijoy Mondal says

    I’m 34 yr male. My penis is not getting hard, tweest and bend in left side, havituated in masterbating since the age of 16yr. Prematute ejaculation (withine 1minuit) I’ve done intercourse lots of time after taking medicines like Penegra100, Vigora 100, used Jaapani Tel, Climax spray but never satisfied her. Is it possible to cure now? Is there any way to straight my bend penis?

  23. deep says

    hi doctor im 33 years old im looking to get marry this year im just worry abt my penis its nt getting proper hard when im going to have sex wth my girlfriend my sperm come with in 10 or 20 seconds im just worried abt this things can u pls give good advice or your contact number i lives in overseas

  24. parashar bhagawati says parashar..30 years old…. i am having one night stand with my girl frrnd and we are getting engaged shortly…she satisfied me very well but shes not gt satisfied because my penis not get erected…pl tel me the solution

  25. says

    hi sir, mera adge 24 mera problem hand job Everyday 3,4 time aadat ho gayi thi to abhi muze wikness ho raha hai aur mera penis tide ho nahi pa raha hai to plz soul me problem sir

  26. khan says

    I am 54 years old while suffering from ED, low LIBIDO problem & premature ejaculation would suggest some medicine to treat .thanks

  27. anu says

    I am 22 years old virgin female. My boyfriend ejaculated outside my vagina and immediately I had washed it. Can I get pregnant? ? Pls help

  28. rajan says

    i am rajan i did masterbation so many time i feel testicular pain in both side which doc you suggest about check about myproblem sexologist or urologist plz give address of the best doctor in chandigarh

  29. Rakesh says

    Hie sir i m suffering from Premature ejaculation .. L eject sperm in just 30 sec.. And my penis has become so week and loos and there is continus night fall 3,4 tym a week im totally distrurb and so week and thin physically and my vains are very much vissible in hands its look bad what should i do please help me

  30. sandhu says

    my age is 20 years
    sir my problem is
    i am suffering PE

    as well as weak erection

    sometime my erection problem is gone

    but after two or three days it again come back

  31. surroor says

    Sir, i am suffering from the ED since last 4 years. i am loosing my confidence and always used to avoid to meet with my girlfriend. Now you are the only last hope ray of my life.please help me sir.

  32. prem says

    I masturbate at the age of 17-18. Now I am 25 and not married. Now I have the problem of premature ejaculation. How could I recover from it.

  33. Anil Kumar says

    Dear Sir, i do masturbate most of time during i going to take a bath. After masturbate when i ejaculated i wash my penis with water immediately. Is its wrong to do this or can effect the sex life? Also i think i am suffering from PE b/c i did sex only three time with a married lady in a gap of 2-3 month every time and there i ejaculated instantly when i inserted my penis in her vagina. Also i ejaculated early when i did foreplay with her. When i am excited with her i am not able to bear her touch on my penis to long lasting. What should i do to overcome these problems? Also guide me on my first three line query as soon as possible.

    I saw your TV shows so many times on a channel(forgot the name) which come in midnight. I like these b/c you short come the various Myths spreads in peoples about sex activities.


  34. Rizwan Ahmad says

    I started masturbation at the age of 22 with at least 2 or 3 times in a week. And stopped at the age of 28. Before doing masterbation, I used to experience night fall. But now I am 29 and I experience night fall once in two week. Is it normal? Kindly suggest? I feel sex and the penis also erects.

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