Increased Sense of Intimacy Improves Sexual Desire

couple in an intimate pose

Genuine interest in sexual desire may wax and wane as a couple goes through life together but what distinguishes the couples who maintain a passionate long term relationship from those who don’t?  The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology recently published a study which sought to understand the complexities of couple’s sexual responsiveness.

In a series of three studies, the researchers collaborated in an effort to answer the question of whether intimacy outside the bedroom leads to increased intimacy inside the bedroom.

In the first study, participants discussed meaningful life events with a person who they thought was actually their partner but was instead a surrogate for their partner, and gauged how responsive or unresponsive messages affected the partner.

In the second study, participants discussed a personally meaningful event, then were recorded engaging in intimate expressions.

The third and final study asked participants to keep a diary for 100 days, reporting on their own desire and their partner’s responsiveness.

The study found that indeed, expressions of responsiveness outside the bedroom do in fact lead to greater intimacy inside the bedroom.

So if you want to improve your sex life then you need to show genuine interest and support to your partner outside of the just the intimate setting.

Read the full article here:
Relighting the Sexual Fire

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