Is Having Sex Without Desire Harmful or Beneficial?

couple having an intimate discussion

The question has frequently been raised whether or not desire before sex is necessary to have a beneficial sexual experience.

Many women have reported a lack of desire to have sex before lovemaking, however, this doesn’t mean the experience could be any less enjoyable or beneficial to both partners.

There are many reasons to have sex without prior desire. Some of these are healthy, such as showing love or affection to your partner, while others can be more harmful, such as the fear of saying no.

Sex without desire is not solely a female phenomenon. It is actually rare for both partners to both experience sexual desire simultaneously.

While there are some drawbacks, such as taking the pleasure out of sexual experiences or leading to negative feelings towards your partner, the benefits can overweight these drawbacks if you choose more positive motivational reasons.

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Is Having Sex Without Desire Harmful or Beneficial?

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