Is Just Having Sex Enough For A Lasting Relationship?

couple with a red heart in bed

Having a higher frequency of sex in a long-term relationship can you help maintain a healthy and long lasting relationship.

However, if there is no intimacy outside of the bedroom just having sex for pleasure and not to maintain the relationship can actually be detrimental in the long run. Having a lot of angry sex or makeup sex can ruin a relationship over time and is very dysfunctional.

Connections that are strong both physically and sexually translate to the healthiest of relationships. You need to build an open and two-way communication with your partner.

You need to be equal and sharing in your everyday life, decision-making should not be to the benefit an individual partner but benefit the both of you.

Finally, definitely take the time to focus on each other both physically and sexually. You will develop good vibes in your relationship which will lead to a healthier relationship and a better sex life.

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Just Having Sex: The Key To A Lasting Relationship?

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