Link Between Sexual Objectification of Girls and Aggression Towards Them

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A new study published by Psychology, Crime, and Law has demonstrated a link between sexual objectification of girls and male violence. Dr. Eduardo Vasquez at the University of Kent surveyed adolescents attending school in a troubled area of London.

His team showed a correlation between exposure to females portrayed as sexual objects and real-life acts of violence. The study also found television viewing and violent video games to be related to objectification and subsequent violence against girls.

More troubling still, investigators found that this compulsion begins early and can snowball if the boy is not steered in a more peaceful direction.

Some of the 273 boys were showing signs of aggression as young teenagers, and their misogynist worldviews only became more entrenched with age. This is a reminder to parents to mind the company- and the content- their children keep.

Read the full article here:
Direct link between sexual objectification of girls, aggression towards them

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