Does Your Gender Dictate The Frequency of Masturbation?

Hand writing everyone masturbates on grey background

Men are prone to masturbate a lot more frequently than women. Men according to this study seem to compensate for sex by masturbating.  While on the other hand, women seem to be masturbating in order to enhance their sexual acts with their partners.

Within the study, it shows how men’s actual sexual counts plus their masturbation acts equal close to the number of sexual frequency that they want.

Women tend to want less sex than they are getting and tend to masturbate about the same amount of times that they have sexual encounters.

The thing to keep in mind is that these stats are based on general group averages and there are bound to be individual differences.

This study was broken down into categories of men, women, and men with ADHD and women with ADHD. This study also shows the relationship of sexual satisfaction versus masturbation frequency.

Those that are not satisfied sexually seem to masturbate more often.

Read the full article here:
Men Masturbate to Make Up the Difference—But Women Don’t

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