Mens Use of Support in Online Infertility Discussion Boards

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People have different support structures and coping mechanisms in which they respond to. Whether it is a close friend or authority figure in your life, we all need to rely on something sometimes. A unique support structure which has resulted from the Internet age is support from online discussion boards.

One such message board examined was the Online Infertility Discussion Board. Many strangers have come forth and offered to share their stories to promote a type of healing or group therapy. Research has shown that there is a feeling of inadequacy in men when unable to perform their “manly duties”. This study reflects upon the different types of coping mechanisms garnered by the people who came together to discuss their problems in an open yet anonymous environment.

More often than not, most people came away from this type of group therapy feeling better about themselves and their condition, providing the very fact that they are not alone even though they knew no one other than themselves.

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“So Much of This Story Could Be Me”: Mens Use of Support in Online Infertility Discussion Boards

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