Metabolic syndrome linked to sexual dysfunction in older women

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Metabolic syndrome (a group of factors that increases the likelihood of heart problems and diabetes) is one of the key factors that contributes to a lower sexual desire in postmenopausal women because cardiovascular disease play’s an important role in women’s sexual health.

There have been many studies which show that metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease are not the only ones play such a role on women’s sexual desire. Psychosocial factors such as marital status and depression lead to sexual dysfunction as well.

Some studies have shown that women diagnosed with metabolic syndrome reported  very low sexual desire and satisfaction at the same time. Also, it has been reported that a lot of women with metabolic syndrome stated that they need less sexual contact or activity.

Another interesting thing is that the same women stated that their body/waist size, diabetes, and even hypertension were associated with decreased desire in sexual activity. Scientists also discovered that angina and even heart attack were associated with a lower sexual desire.


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Metabolic syndrome linked to sexual dysfunction in older women

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