Military Training Changes Who We Find Attractive

soldiers training outdoors

You might think you are attracted to only a certain type of person especially when it comes to physical traits, but science has shown that attraction changes based on your environment.

Heavier people tend to be perceived as more attractive in environments where food is scarce and disease is rampant because a heavier person can survive it better.

Researchers using male military cadets as subjects have tested whether extreme changes in the environment changes perceptions of attraction.

Cadets were shown faces and rated the attractiveness of them before and after intense training. The results showed that after days of intense training, men tended to prefer slightly heavier women when before they preferred underweight women.

This maybe because in harsh environments, female fertility is stronger when a woman has more weight making them more attractive. This theory was made stronger by the fact that female cadets had no difference in their preference of male faces with different weights before and after training.

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