Why Respect is Crucial For Your Relationship

Young Indian Couple

A high level of respect from both partners towards each other is essential to a strong relationship in couples. It is very important for couples to establish good habits to consistently show respect towards each other. Here are few tips on how you can do this. Be attentive and immediately address partner’s needs, desires, and […]

Is Having Sex Without Desire Harmful or Beneficial?

couple having an intimate discussion

The question has frequently been raised whether or not desire before sex is necessary to have a beneficial sexual experience. Many women have reported a lack of desire to have sex before lovemaking, however, this doesn’t mean the experience could be any less enjoyable or beneficial to both partners. There are many reasons to have […]

Relationship Issues: Love, Sex and Money Problem

Heart and Love

Most problems in relationships are caused by three factors: sex, money, and love. While some couples allow these problems to ruin the relationship, there are steps that can be taken to correct them and improve the relationship. Sex is an issue for both men and women. Problems regarding sex can be resolved by admitting concerns, […]

Tips to Reignite Your Sex Life

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After years of being with a partner, one area that tends to suffer in a couple’s relationship is their sex life. Rather than allow this terrible trend to happen in your relationship, there are numerous tricks and activities you can try to spice up your sex life. These will help you and your partner feel […]

Tips About Teenage Romantic Relationships

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Relationships are not always easy especially in your teens, but it can be made a lot easier if you follow these simple tips. Take one day at a time and enjoy each other’s company. Find out what makes both of you happy in life, whether it be sailing, hiking, reading, partying, or movies. Support each other […]

Why Men Have More Body Image Issues Than Ever

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For nearly a century or more, women were forced to deal with personal image disruption because that is how someone or an industry (women’s fashion) wanted them to look if they were to feel like real and desirable women. But, in the last few decades, men have been also experiencing a more aggressive image issues […]