Penile Implant Offers Hope for Men with Erectile Dysfunction

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There is nothing funny about erectile dysfunction disorder. It is an embarrassing problem for a lot of men. It can sometimes happen suddenly due to illness or accident, or as in the majority of cases due to the natural aging process or lifestyle diseases or depression etc.

Most men will face this issue at some time or another, the majority of these cases can be treated with counseling and medication, but in some cases, the problem cannot be rectified by any conventional medication.

There are some other options including penile implants, but these can cause some very uncomfortable side effects and do more harm than good because of the complicated surgery and post operation issues as attested by a slew of horror stories that some of these recipients have reported.

Now there may be a new device which is being tested by scientists and researchers that may give new hope. This implant is made from Nitinol which is a nickel-titanium alloy.

This material has unique properties which actually “remembers” it’s original shape. It remains flaccid when it is at the same temperature as the body and is activated by a remote control which increases the temperature of the implant causing it to rise.

It is still in the early testing phase, and will not be available to the consumer for another 5-10 years but it is showing promising results, but at least there is some hope for those men who have completely given up on their sex life because of severe ED.

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Novel penile implant offers hope for men with erectile dysfunction

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