Stop Worrying About How Much More Sex Others Are Having

man holding a sign over his face

Many men tend to compare their sex life to that of their peers and friends and this is not a good idea. It can cause unnecessary anxiety because you may then start thinking that your relationship isn’t as fulfilling as others based on how much sex some else is having.

Only address the amount and quality of sex you’re having if you or your partner are unsatisfied. Then it should definitely be addressed because not doing so may have a negative affect on your relationship.

A lot of relationships have ended over the issue of one of the partners not being satisfied with the amount of sex or intimacy but no one has broken up over what others do in their bedrooms, so that should tell you how little it matters.

We are often tempted to compete with those around us but when it comes to sex everyone has different needs and wants and benchmarking your sex-life against that of others is a sure shot way to invent problems where none exist.

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