Study Shows That Overweight Diabetic Men Can Improve Their Sex Life By Losing Weight

Being obese has long been known to be detrimental to your health and this is even more so if you are suffering from diabetes. Obese Man sitting in front of tvUnfortunately India is fast becoming the diabetes capital of the world and the number of obese people is growing almost at the same rate. The combination of the two can have very negative effects, not only on your general health but also on your sexual health and more so in if you are male.

A recent small study done by the University of Adelaide (Australia) has found that men with type 2 diabetes who suffered from erectile dysfunction and lower urinary tract infections had significant improvements for both ailments after losing weight. Though this study was done on a relatively small number of subjects, it does show a direct correlation between losing weight and erectile dysfunction in diabetic men.

Losing weight not only improves sexual function but also improves the overall sexual experience for both the partners because losing weight through a combination of prudent dieting and exercise improves stamina in bed as well. Make sure you consult your doctor before embarking on a diet and exercise plan. Eating sensibly and exercising regularly will help you control your diabetes and enjoy your sex life as well.

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