Synthetic Pot Tied to Risky Sex, Violence in Teens

pot bud

Marijuana typically produces a mellowing effect. Recent research has found that synthetic pot has the opposite effect. Teens are especially affected, displaying risky behaviors such as unprotected sex, violence, and abuse of other drugs.

Synthetic marijuana or fake weed are marketed as natural and safe but has many chemicals similar to marijuana, often contain hazardous pesticides and can actually be dangerous and life-threatening.

They are cheap and readily available, making the drugs popular with teenagers, with 1 in 10 claiming to have used it. When compared to teens that used regular marijuana, fake weed users were more likely to get into a fight or carry a gun.

The use of fake weed is illegal but manufacturers have learned to tweak the formula or package directions, so it is still being sold. Parents should be suspicious of extreme mood or behavior changes in their teens.

Use of any kind of recreational drugs, be it natural or synthetic, has negative effects on general health and behaviour and should be discouraged.

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