Erectile Dysfunction: Diseases That Increase The Risk Of Impotency

Sketch of man with erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a lot of factors including medical conditions (like Thyroid problems, low testosterone levels), injuries to the pelvic area or the spinal cord, medication (for treating depression or blood pressure), abuse of alcohol and drugs, smoking,relationship issues, stress and high anxiety levels among others; but men who suffer from the […]

Experimental Erectile Dysfunction Treatment For Heart Patients

Cartoon of herat examination

The options for erectile dysfunction treatment for men suffering from heart disease are more limited than those men who don’t have heart ailments, Ed drugs like Viagra and its generic versions (which only deals with the symptoms of ED) are not recommended for heart patients and this makes their sexual life more problematic. But now […]

Controling Glucose Key To Limiting Erectile Dysfunction In Men With Type 1 Diabetes

Young man injecting insulin

Men suffering from type 1 diabetes know that glucose control is very important to keep their condition in check, now there is even more incentive for them to do so, according to an article published in The Journal of Urology, intensive glycemic therapy significantly reduced the pervasiveness of erectile dysfunction in young men with type […]

Study Shows That Overweight Diabetic Men Can Improve Their Sex Life By Losing Weight

Obese Man sitting in front of tv

Being obese has long been known to be detrimental to your health and this is even more so if you are suffering from diabetes. Unfortunately India is fast becoming the diabetes capital of the world and the number of obese people is growing almost at the same rate. The combination of the two can have […]

The Connection Between Sex and Diabetes

India is the diabetes capital of the world and this is one distinction we could have done without. There are almost 51 million people living with diabetes in India, which is a staggering statistic.  Most people who suffer from this disease don’t realize that diabetes can cause sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Diabetes […]