Increased Intake Of Medicines May Lead To Erectile Dysfunction

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In a new study published in the British Journal of Urology, findings showed that men who take ten or more medications were 60% more likely to encounter sex related problems than those who didn’t. As we all know, in today’s day and age a lot of us have a tendency to take medications for ailments […]

Women Who Indulge in Frequent Sex Tend To Look Younger

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While most women understand the role that sex plays in improving the relationship with their spouse or partner, a lot of them are not aware there are some other physical benefits that frequent sex has for them. A large number of women indulge in sex out of a sense of obligation or procreation and not […]

5 Lifestyle Changes That Can Boost Female Libido

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As I have mentioned in previous articles,  the loss of libido(loss of sexual desire) is by far the most common sexual health related problem faced by women of all ages. This particular problem can cause a lot of friction and frustration in a relationship if left unsolved. Here are few tips on lifestyle changes that […]

Your Size May Have a Adverse Effect on Your Sexual Health

Fat and Thin Men

A new study has revealed that men who are too fat or thin may be at increased risk of suffering from some sort of sexual health problem. We already know that the decisions that men make about their lifestyle choices have a direct bearing on their sexual functioning. And this study reinterates that men who […]

Empathy & Self Esteem Linked to Sexual Pleasure In Young Adults

In what is quite an enlightening study, it has been found that young adults who have a healthy psychological and social development are likely to experience increased sexual enjoyment. The research was conducted on more than 3000 young Adults in the age group on 18-25. According to its co-author Dr. Galinsky  “Sexual health is more […]

Erectile Dysfunction Is The No.1 Lifestyle Disorder In Men

It may come as a big surprise to a lot of people that erectile dysfunction is biggest lifestyle  disorder faced by men, it comes ahead of obesity, alopecia, smoking cessation and alcohol dependence. And more worryingly this trend is not only current but predicted to remain so at least till 2016 according to the latest […]

Busted!The Myth About Men And How Much They Think About Sex

So who would have thought that Men don’t always have sex on their minds. The notion that men only have sex on their minds just got busted according to a new study done by psychologists at at Ohio State University in the U.S. The researchers found that contrary to the long held beliefs like the […]

A Synopsis Of The Health Benefits Of Sex

As you may have noticed in some of my previous posts; sex has numerous health benefits, some more obvious than others. These have been backed by numerous studies done over the last few decades. Now I realize some of these studies were conclusive and some not so, even then the overall psychological and physical benefits […]

Desperate Need For Sexually Transmitted Diseases Awareness In India

April was the month for sexually transmitted diseases education and awareness in the U.S. We in India need to take a leaf out of the Americans book and also dedicate a month to spread awareness among our population, irrespective of location and gender, about this important health care issue. There are millions of Indians who […]

How To Handle Money Matters In A Relationship

Most couples these days face problems in their relationship due to money related issues. While some feel that it’s just okay to share everything about their personal finance with their partners, others are of a viewpoint that there should be some things that must be kept hidden. Are you facing the same dilemma? Don’t worry. […]