Women Who Indulge in Frequent Sex Tend To Look Younger

A happy young woman

While most women understand the role that sex plays in improving the relationship with their spouse or partner, a lot of them are not aware there are some other physical benefits that frequent sex has for them. A large number of women indulge in sex out of a sense of obligation or procreation and not […]

How To Handle Female Sexual Health Problems

Womens sexual problems often take a backseat to the mens sexual problems, especially in the last decade or so due to the launch and subsequent marketing blitz of Viagra which has created a lot of awareness about erectile dysfunction in men. But it is important not loose sight of the fact that a lot of […]

The Myth And The Truth About The Female Orgasm

In my years of practice as a sexologist and a sex therapist, one question that is asked a lot of times by couples in therapy is the inability of the female to achieve an orgasm during sexual intercourse. The misconceptions surrounding this leads to a lot of discontent in what normally is a very healthy […]

One Very Good Reason For Women To Not Binge Drink

Go to any nightclub or bar in any of the major metropolitan cities in India and you will increasingly find a lot of young women binge drinking (consuming 5 or more alcoholic beverages). Now while there is no harm in being a social drinker and consuming alcohol in moderation, getting into a habit of drinking […]

5 Common Myths About The Pill

Taking oral contraceptive pills is a very safe way to avoid pregnancies, though not 100% fail proof(1 in a thousand can get pregnant after using the pills in the correct manner) it still is one of the most effective ways to avoid pregnancy. Women nowadays are very well informed but unfortunately there still exists a […]

Post Sex Blues? It’s More Common Than What You Think

The experience of negative feelings after a session of satisfactory sex among young women is more common than previously thought. According to a study published in the International Journal of Sexual Health. Almost 1/3rd of the 200 women in the study reported that they felt postcoital dysphoria or negativity after intercourse. This is surprising considering […]

Is it Safe To Have Sex During Pregnancy?

This is a very common question asked by couples who are expecting their first child. This is a very valid query, as there is not a lot of information about this important subject. In general it is quite safe to have sex during pregnancy. Though there is not enough evidence to prove that  restriction of […]

5 Benefits Of Breast Lift Surgery

Breast size and shape form an important part of a woman’s body and physical appearance as well. Women often remain conscious about their breast volume, shape and proportion and on finding that their breasts have started to sag; it may lead to undue emotional strain among most women. It not only makes women feel worried […]

What Women Secretly Think During Sex

Most Men tend to forget about everything when they indulge in sex, women on the other hand are thinking about a lot of things. According to a survey done by Women’s Health  magazine on their readers; women are thinking about somethings that men would be surprised by. These insights into their state of mind during […]