The 5 Most Common Mens Bedroom Fears

It’s a fact that bedroom fears in case of men are mostly linked to their sexual performance and things around it only. Unlike women, men are less concerned about their bodies, looks or personality during sex. For them, it’s all about performing the sexual act with great interest so that it gives pleasure to themselves and their female partner.

The nature of fears that keep bothering a man’s mind is basically whether they have done the sexual act right or not? Whether it would satisfy the female partner? Whether their organ size is perfect? What if their penis does not get the proper erection? What if they can’t hold the erection? What if they fail to give the women an orgasm? And the list goes on. But again, the commonality here is their concern over their sexual performance.

Here are the most common bedroom fears for men:

1. SIZE MATTERS: The biggest fear that most men have in their minds is related to the size of their penis – their sexual organ. Most men think that if their penis is too small in size, they won’t be able to please the female partner in bed in a desired way. With these apprehensions in mind, they are unable to perform properly in bed.

2. ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION: Many men face this problem of not getting proper erection and in most of the cases – it’s only the thought in their mind, which disturbs them during sex. Even when they have gained proper erection, they don’t let go of this fear in their mind and keep on thinking about it. As a result, they often end up losing their erection during intercourse.

3. PREMATURE EJACULATION: A lot of men perform the sexual act with great interest and energy but somewhere down in their mind, they always want to reach the climax at the earliest. In this rush, many a times, they finish up and reach the climax much before they expected and even before the female partner has started to enjoy the moment. This state of premature ejaculation can creep in men’s mind like a huge fear.

4. INFERTILITY FEARS: While primary objective of having sex is to enjoy some pleasurable moments with your loved one, but at some point in your life you would plan a baby too. Here also, a lot of men have the fear in their mind about whether they can make their wife pregnant or not. With this fear, men start blaming their sexual performance and get anxious to find out if they are lacking somewhere.

5. Anxiety about Their Performance: Besides all the fears related to their sexual performance and inability, men often have fears, which are linked to the female partner. Things like what if I hurt her during sex, what if she doesn’t like my wild moves, what if she fails to get a satisfying orgasm and so on… with fears related to female partner continuously hovering over their mind, men simply can’t perform their best in bed.

Amid all these fears, its gets really tough for men to perform properly and quite often, even if these fears are not real and not true, men end up letting them come in way of their sexual pleasure and spoil the fun. So it’s important to identify these fears and consult a sexologist at the earliest to overcome these fears as soon as possible.

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