Two Common Spices Which May Improve Libido

Aphrodisiacs have been in demand through out human history because they supposedly increase libido or improve sexual desire. These have long been a part of a very lucrative market. Men will got to about any length to enhance their sexual desire and performance.

All this has flooded the market with various kinds of products, most of which are quite expensive and of a dubious nature and can be quite harmful. Spanish fly and Bufo toad are two such examples and you should avoid these in-spite of the hype that has been created about them.

But now two spices which are commonly found in good grocery stores have been found to boost sexual performance, these are Ginseng and Saffron. According to a study done at University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada; these spices have had both psychological and physiological effects on loss of libido. Once enough research is done to determine the required dosage, the proper ways to ingest and determination of any possible side effects, then these may become a viable, credible and affordable way to increase sexual desire and improve performance.

I’m sure many pharmaceutical companies will be interested in doing research and development on these because the financial windfall will be huge for them as the market for effective and natural aphrodisiacs will only increase. And this will be a godsend for many men who are struggling with loss of sexual desire. We will have to wait and watch future developments especially about any possible side effects and effectiveness of these two spices. So don’t go and try any of these as aphrodisiacs just as yet.

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